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Write4Gold: Budapest, Hungary

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Write4Gold: Budapest, HungaryWrite4Gold Classics East Europe

Venue: Budapest, Hungary
Location: Mokka Cuka
Date: 30th June 2007
Start: 10am
Entry: 10:00-22:00: Free
Aftershow: 22:00-06:00: 10 euro
Venue: Mokka Cuka

At the Write4Gold Classic Competition perform crews like KMR (Prague/CZ), DKH (Bratislava/SK), HUNGARIANS FINEST (Budapest/HU), KGM (Moscow/RU), ROMANIAN DELICIOUS (RO), Flying Scripts (Györ/HU) and INDUSTRY Crew (Budapest/HU). In addition guests from Germany like Bas2, Poet73 or Omsk167.

Program: Concept Painting – Throw Ups – Sketching – Tagging

[News item via: Write4Gold / we’ll be back with photos from the event … stay tuned ;) ]

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