In August 2007 Write4Gold crew will continue with the official Write4Gold qualifyings, starting off with overseas events in the U.S., China, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The winners of those events are qualified for the next Word Finals in July 2008. New events in Europe are scheduled for spring 2008, in 16 countries across Europe, within 5 months! In Germany there will be 2 events in 2008, one of them will take place in Hamburg, the city where Write4Gold took place for the very first time.

The Write4Gold Schedule 2007/2008 Serie (they will announce the locations and details within the next 30 days)

  • Write4Gold South Africa, Capetown 03.11.2007more click here (South Africa)
  • Write4Gold New Zealand,CANCELED BY DISRUPTIV (New Zealand)
  • Write4Gold Australia, Melbourne 08.12.2007more click here (Australia)
  • Write4Gold China Shanghai, Jan/Feb/2008 (scheduled) POSTPONED BY WRITE4GOLD CHINA (China, Corea,Thailand)
  • Write4Gold Brazil Sao Paolo, 2008 more click here (Brazil)
  • Write4Gold Portugal, Lisboa, March 2008 Portugal, Spain
  • Write4Gold Italy, Rome 03.05.2008 more click here (Italy)
  • Write4Gold Austria, Vienna 10.05.2008 more click here (Austria)
  • Write4Gold Hungary, Budapest 24.05.2008 (Hungary, Russia, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria)
  • Write4Gold Slovakia Bratislava 31.05.2008 (Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine)
  • Write4Gold Germany, Hamburg 21.06.2008 (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, UK)
  • Write4Gold Denmark, Roskilde 29.06.2008 (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland)
  • Write4Gold European Finals scheduled july 2008 (Winner of Write4Gold Germany, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Slovakia and Italy)
  • Write4Gold World Finals, scheduled september 2008 (Winner of Write4Gold South Africa, Australia, Brazil, China andthe European Finals)


Please check the Venue Information of the Write4Gold 2007/2008 Series. 35 days before each competition we close the registration to announce the paticipatig crews for the contest and the external walls! Please check our website for updates, announcements and information!


– make sure you register as a crew (Write4Gold is a crew battle)
– minimum age: 14
– make sure to send links that work (check it before send to us)
– make sure image files are not bigger than 1MB
– we do not send any reply, we will announce the confirmed lineups on our website first and after we will contact you for details!

Register now, fill the online form and don’t forget to send attachments, pictures or links. In case the register form do not work email them to [email protected] and please make sure to send them all needed infos

  • crew name
  • members
  • where you come from (city / country)
  • how many people
  • your web page
  • reference images (max 1 MB each)
  • phone number

Register form for Write4Gold 2007/2008 -> click here

Good luck!!!

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