Death trap. A stormwater drain in which two people drowned last night. Photo: Nick MoirTwo Australian graffiti artists drowned when a flash storm swept them along a drain they had been spray painting in Sydney before trapping them at its barred ocean outlet, police said.

A third graffiti artist, who remained conscious during the ordeal, managed to squeeze himself through the bars and into the ocean where he was rescued by surfers on Sunday.

„It’s believed three people, two men and one woman, were allegedly spray painting the walls of a stormwater drain at Maroubra (Beach), when it started to rain,” police said in a statement on Monday.

„As a result of the storm, the drain is believed to have filled with water, trapping the two men and a woman inside, before they were washed further down the drain toward Lurline Bay about 1km away,” said police.

Drowned pair were spraying graffitiOne man and a woman drowned. The other man, who survived, waved for help until local surfers arrived.
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