Not only has Sony fessed up to paying people to do PSP graffiti, they’re asking around now to see if it was a good idea. Good idea? You’re kidding right?

The company’s Gamers Advisory Panel posted this question Tuesday afternoon:

As many of you may know, PlayStation has launched a nationwide street campaign for the PSP featuring graffiti artists doing paid placements on buildings (unlike traditional tagging, the building owners are paid for the ad space) featuring iconic kids using PSPs in a variety of cartoon activities. The initial public response has been mixed – for an index of several stories related to the campaign, click here – but we’re curious to know what you, the GAP Community think about this campaign. Had you heard of it? Seen it in your city? Are you in favor, against? What would you have done differently? This isn’t a poll, but more of an open forum for discussion, so put on your thinking caps, and let us know your opinion.

If you call that a mixed reaction I’d hate to see what you’d call a negative reaction. At least the company paid for the space and didn’t break any laws, that would have been truly funny.

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