Parish Council Graffiti
1 min 39 sec – Jun 21, 2007

Just a short video to show how easy an over diligent Parish Council can ruin the look of a beautiful village. These lines were painted a by Oxfordshire County Council Highways department at the suggestion of the Parish Council who seem to have a grievance against a local Inn who tried to improve the look of their establishment by planning to build a terrace outside of their Inn and on their land. The Parish Council, not wanting the village to turn into a "cafe society" were horrified when listed building planning consent was obtained. After much thought they remembered that many years ago the forecourt of the Inn was a drive through for the property next door which was, at that time, the village post office rather than a private house. They then contacted the highways department to complain that a public thoroughfare for vehicles would be blocked. The result then was that the Inn were forced to abandon their plans for a terrace and replace the original old gravel terrace with shiny new black tarmac. Visitors to the Inn, now seeing a nice driveway in the front began to park on it. The Parish Council looked a little silly at this stage as it was their doing that created this situation. What is basically simply spite they insisted that the highways department painted thick white lines to separate the vehicles from the pedestrians. The end result is the ugly lines and comical character in the video. Had this been done by vandals then it would have been removed in hours. I strongly object to members of my Parish Council using their position to pursue a personal grudge. If you feel as strongly as me regarding this ugly eyesore then please pass comment below.
Do note the problems with traffic and people. After all this was only filmed at lunchtime!

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