old abandoned school 1/3
9 min 45 sec – Jun 14, 2007

this is one of 3 if you ever been in with us or have some thing to add pleas post a comment I did my best to make this intresting some one was messing with the flash light and this is before we knew how to use the night vision so there was a lot of stuff where we where talking so if it is clicked that why also the graffiti said some thing like "obey in god or else" / "666" / "the end is near" / " juston WOMEN I love most of them" / "teease you lick you fuck you come paint my room soon" / " GODLESS {some thing like a name icant read it}" / a sensefol act of beauty we are not your enemy" / " he who enters hear uninvited will suffer the curse of BANE(look it up in Wikipedia)" it gose on its all stuff out of diablo and other stuff there is also verious pentagrams too !!!!!!!!!!!we did not do the graffiti that was there!!!!!!!!! there is only about 60% of the building in this theres more to the bacement a attick a scond balcony a preast or teachers room and a entier other side & a shit lode of rooms that are mostly emty

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