Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007

  • Venue: Bucharest, Romania
  • Location: Parcul Herastrau
  • Date: 14th july 2007
  • Start: 10 AM

Surprising act in Romania, the local organizers have decided to run a pre-competition in Bucharest on 14th of July in the Herastrau Park, the same location as last year Write4Gold Romania. This competition will be the pre-comp (NO qualification round, NO national elimination) of the next official competition in 17th may 2008.

The Crew Lineup for the Write4Gold PreComp Romania 2007:

  • FWK’S (Bucharest/ROM)
  • B-UNIT (Bucharest/ROM)
  • 4DZ Crew (Cluj/ROM)
  • CM Crew (Constanta/ROM)
  • DH4 Crew (Bucharest/ROM)
  • GB Crew (Brasov/ROM)
  • CRACK GANG (Bucharest/ROM)
  • PORNORAMA Crew (Bucharest/Constanta/ROM)

Don’t miss it! Saturday, 14th of July, 2007! Herastrau Park, Bucharest!

[ Thanks to Write4Gold for these great news ;) ]