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More Graffiti Kingdom & Magic Pengel Doodles

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More Graffiti Kingdom & Magic Pengel Doodles
6 min 34 sec – Jun 19, 2007

A montage of MORE of my favorite doodles I have drawn in action. :D Everyone seemed to like my first montage so here are some more! Check out the first video if you missed it. :)

All of these were made in the Playstation 2 videogames Magic Pengel and it’s sequel Graffiti Kingdom. (In Japan the games are known as Rakugaki Oukoku — "Kingdom of Scribbling")

[ Background music is a mix I did using two songs from "Run Lola Run": The songs are "Believe" and "I Wish (Komm zu mir)" ]

(PS: I am sorry for the passable video quality, they were filmed off of my LCD tv screen. XD and YouTUBE’s compressor doesn’t help either.)

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