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LinkWorth – more than an AdSense alternative

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Here’s another Google AdSense alternative to explore. LinkWorth is a one-stop advertising portal which provides advertisers a good range of marketing services, and publishers multiple choices in terms of monetizing with ad spaces and Text Link Advertising.

LinkWorth goes a step further than just offer advertising links and space. It also offers a paid blogging programme similar to PayPerPost, in addition to paid marketing services that publishers may like.

LinkWorthHow It Works

1. Sign up and submit your site for approval.
2. You can sign up either as an advertiser or publisher and convert later.
3. Select the types of ads you are willing to display on your site.
4. Select the prices you want to charge (minimum $10/month) for the various types of ads in the different locations of your website.
5. You can choose to have ads only on the homepage, a particular page or sitewide.
6. You earn 70% of each transaction your account receives. So you Make Money Online.
7. Each new Advertiser approved and published on your website will be renewed on the 1st of each month for the full price you charge.
8. If you sign up as a ‘Preferred Partner’, LinkWorth will sell your links for you, giving you a higher chance of getting advertisers, however you earn only 50% revenue in this instance.
9. You can also sign up for their ‘LinkPost’ programme where you set an amount to charge for a blog post.


1. Sites must be complete, working sites without broken links.
2. Sites must contain relevant content, and not be empty sites.
3. Sites must not use framesets, flash or redirect URLs.


Payments are made on the 10th of each month by PayPal, cheques, wire transfers and direct transfers (US banks only). Lowest amount for payout is US$25 but relevant bank fees apply.

LinkWorth offers several useful services to publishers. You can purchase their directory submission service which manually submits your site to leading directories, or their article submission service.

LinkWorth also has free tools for publishers, such as Meta Tag Generator to help optimize your site, Keyword Density Analyser, Anchor Text, Search Engine Marketing which shows your site position for a relevant keyword, Site Link Analyser and a Price Quote tool to help determine ad prices to charge.

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