Graffiti DVD –
1 min 37 sec – Dec 21, 2005

“Write and Unite” presents the world’s greatest graffiti artists live in action. From subways to huge productions, street bombing to organized events, never before has there been such a complete, global documentation of today’s top aerosolists and their work.

Including artists: Atom, Bates, Can2, Cap, Coderock, Cope2, Dash167, Denz, FX crew, Goal, Grey, Just195, Kacao77, Kent, MAC crew, Mear, MOAS crew, Risky, Sabe, Saber, Seen, Sketch, Smash, Swet, TKid, Toomer, Zebster, and many, many more.

With chapters of:
-Danish Trains
-Los Angeles
-Wall Street Meetings
-Night Missions
-New York City
-Danish Walls
-Montana Tours
-Gallery Art
-Saber Interview

©2005 / color / NTSC or PAL / running time: 70 minutes
Digitally shot, edited, and mastered.

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