Political messages about 9/11 were spray-painted on two of Benton County’s trucks Monday, June 25, 2007, a day after Bentonville police began investigating graffiti on the main county courthouse and annex.

Vandals used silver metallic spray paint to send the message, „9-11 Was An Inside Job,” on a Chevy Colorado and a Dodge Durango belonging to the Benton County Assessor’s Office. „I don’t know if there is any significance to the color they picked,” said Bentonville Police Chief James Allen. Police also couldn’t determine a meaning from the date the vandalism occurred, which was likely Friday night or early Saturday morning. Allen said there are no suspects and no „useable video camera recording”.

Graffiti on the front exterior wall of the courthouse at the top of the steps facing the square read 9/11 = Inside Job, also in silver metallic letters. Other versions of the message were found on interior side of the four marble pillars. Messages at the courthouse annex included Bush Knew, Death To The New World Order, Google = terror storm, and www.infowars.com

The Web site features conspiracy theories alleging the U.S. government’s involvement in the terrorist bombings of Sept. 11, 2001. Police do not associate the vandalism with gang activity because „it’s not the typical writing, and gang acts are always tagged by their name … emblem or signature of who it is.” One of the restrooms at Dave Peel Park was also painted with graffiti messages.

A few months ago the Parks Department staff found spray-painted symbols on the back side of the restroom building. „This is the first time” the graffiti has involved the 9/11 statements, said city Parks Director Doug Glaysher. County and city personnel cleaned or painted over much of the graffiti by Monday afternoon.

[via The Morning News]