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Graffiti from Slovakia… Rascals

EYEKON_1’s PIXEL BOMBING – Winnipeg Graffiti

Winnipeg Graffiti mixed with some Motion Graphics. Music Video Hip Hop Remix with StyleWars Dialogue. All shot in Winnipeg Manitoba. … all » Creators Note: I’m a fan of graffiti type art. I’m not a graf artist in its truest form, but I do however follow its principles, and thats to get up – I […]

CAN STYLE BATTLE … 1000 Cans with your Design !!!

Today while surfing the net I came by this website which offers 1000 cans for the winner of their contest. The contest is at this address: . You can win 1000 cans ! Send your designs at this email with the subject “Can Style Battle | Design”. They can be whatever you want! […]