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Pittsburgh graffiti

Pittsburgh graffitifukuuu4 min 35 sec – Mar 18, 2006 *update* Well since the All-Star games a lot of the wall was painted over around the hot metal bridge. Tis a shame. This is from the Eliza Furnace Trail in the Pitts. The song is Typical Cats – The Manhattan Project. Original post by fukuuu

Automatic Graffiti Robot

Automatic Graffiti Robotsumeetjain3 min 52 sec – Apr 4, 2006 More treasures at Original post by sumeetjain

London graffiti

London graffiticontinuingsaga3 min 8 sec – Jan 21, 2006 Train Original post by continuingsaga

Berlin Graffiti

Berlin GraffitiTheRealList3 min 9 sec – Aug 1, 2006 Graffiti of Berlin, Germany A part of the movie "Color-marked" Original post by TheRealList


LIGHT CRITICISMresistor2 min 20 sec – Jan 24, 2007 Advertising is the mindless vandalism of the Fortune 500. Original post by resistor


graffitistenioalves4 min 59 sec – Jun 16, 2006 graffiti production! Original post by stenioalves

All you see is…

All you see is…resistor3 min 59 sec – Feb 20, 2007 Lights in the City. GRL hits Rotterdam in 2007 graffitiresearchlab grl rotterdam lasertag lasertagging Original post by resistor

Graffiti Machine

Graffiti MachinePortageeManOWar2 min 22 sec – Mar 9, 2006 I need me one of these Original post by PortageeManOWar