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Eggyolk Paints in the Rain

Eggyolk Paints in the Raindayinthelyfe16 sec – Jun 20, 2007 Don’t you just wish you were there. Original post by dayinthelyfe

Walking: Dog Gone it!

Walking: Dog Gone it!mgphenom5 min 33 sec – Jun 20, 2007 For the sake of my dog: Nicky and good friend (Beccah and her dog) I have taken to the sidewalks to just take some time to walk… and in this doggone fast paced world its high time we all did. My Dog Walking Cell […]

Re: No Show Blog

Re: No Show Blogbeebee89047 sec – Jun 20, 2007 Video Cam Direct Upload Original post by beebee890

draw.the.line trailer

draw.the.line trailerheico862 min 11 sec – Jun 20, 2007 Draw The Line Trailer "Graffiti Video" Original post by heico86


secretosgoose01391 min 14 sec – Jun 20, 2007 rgarw Original post by goose0139

wals are like paper

wals are like papersdgtr41 min 1 sec – Jun 20, 2007 graffiti new zeland, made in WSD, in video class Original post by sdgtr4

some graff sketches

some graff sketchesmazeonedbbs3 min 27 sec – Jun 20, 2007 sorry for all tha sketch vids, ill have a spray vid soon. Original post by mazeonedbbs

GRAFFITI-CIS crew(Crime in Style) Step-1

GRAFFITI-CIS crew(Crime in Style) Step-1ralphstep16 min 46 sec – Jun 20, 2007 some of graffiti our CIS crew in philippines and australia..depicting their styles and work. we dont intent to makle a BEEF we want to show our works., peace, thanks.,. Original post by ralphstep1

I Want A Corndog

I Want A Corndogstellargraffiti1 min 1 sec – Jun 20, 2007 K-mart, License, Big Ticket. Original post by stellargraffiti


SKATEPARK MALGRAT DE MARacmeuno3 min 10 sec – Jun 20, 2007 King cubano en tu cara Original post by acmeuno