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Art Notes – Graffiti in SF – 1986

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Art Notes – Graffiti in SF – 1986
3 min 58 sec – Oct 17, 2006

Art Notes – Graffiti in SF – 1986. Channel 9 Segment on Graffiti. Graffiti, Graff, Aerosol Art, Spraycan Art, Graffiti Art, Bombing, Throwups, Tags, Pieces, piece, burners, wildstyle, Street Art, Wall Art, Murals, Raw, Movie, Short Film, Short Video, hip, hop, hiphop, hip hop, hip-hop, hiphoppers, hipshopsters, vanalism, vandals, Reavyn, TWS, Together With Style.

• San Francisco graffiti pioneer since 1982
• First graffiti writer to have a one-man gallery show on the West Coast 1986
• Created the first graffiti style hip-hop website in 1994
• 800+ large-scale Graffiti pieces and counting
• A life-long commitment to Graffiti spanning 25 years
• Appeared in several seminal graffiti books/Spray Can Art/Graffito/Freight Train Graffiti
• Name carries weight and recognition/Infamous worldwide
• Available for a wide range of artistic services • 415-235-3983

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