Alien Autopsy "Russian Graffiti"
3 min 11 sec – Jun 17, 2007

Like a rabid gibbon with a cleaver, Poznan-based Alien Autopsy rip out the tunes once more with this buttock-kicking rendition of "Russian Graffiti", written and sung by Brummie guitarist Shannoir "Shanny" Sword.

Incorporating footage of the band’s performance at Juwenalia at Lake Malta in Poznan in May 2007, the video also features a cameo by Colonel Dog-Egg himself (can you spot him?).

For all you trivia buffs out there, the graffiti scrawled on the wall is actually a poem written by former Soviet dissident Sergei Walenkov, entitled "The Soviet Union is a Khazi" and which was originally published by an underground newspaper during the height of the Cold War. Many thanks to Peter Cook for bringing this rare gem to light in the West.

For more information on the world’s greatest rock band, visit Video by Red Star PR with Juwenalia footage supplied by Greggery Piekary, who also had a hand in the vid’s creative concepts – cheers, Greggery!

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