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An irreverent inscription on a wall in a public place is called a graffito. The term graffiti was first used in this sense by archaeologists to designate informal writings on tombs and ancient monuments. Today, as then, graffiti deal with a wide variety of subjects and are often satirical in tone. In the second half of the 20th century the term has been applied to many acts of property defacement involving paint and other graphic media.

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The purpose of this site is to present the graffiti movement in Romania (particularly) and all over the world. By publishing graffiti works we (Alex Mielus and George Mielus) only care about the art aspects. We don’t support and are not responsible for the criminal activities associated with it. All contributions were, are and will be sent anonymously via e-mail. We do not encourage any kind or form of vandalism or terrorism. We are not responsable for the damages that could occur due to the actions presented here.

Not all graffiti is gang related, and graffiti art DOES NOT LEAD TO CRIME! Usually when there is graffiti present it is because there is already crime present. True graffiti art DOES NOT CAUSE CRIME! Gang graffiti does at times cause tension between enemy gangs, but rarely results in violent actions.

We enjoy graffiti art that is pleasing to the eye and we think gang graffiti is a waste of paint. We think that if the all cities legalized non-threatening, non-gang related graffiti art on certain city properties, maybe all cities would be a more colorful, artistic, cultural, and more interesting places.

If you want your creations to appear in our Graffiti Gallery please email us your graffiti pictures at alex[at] or george[at] .


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